Care Planning:

A Care Plan, or Service User Plan, is the key document for your care. We will have assessed areas of risk and identified your needs, and this is recorded on your Care Plan. We then decide how our staff can properly meet these needs, and this forms your plan of care. Care planning is continuously reviewed because people’s needs change, sometimes on a daily basis, and we have to respond to these changes to make sure that we’re delivering the right care. We will always seek your opinions and input (wherever possible) when developing the Care Plan, and making changes or amendments to it, to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the care you receive from us.

Involving Your Family, Relatives & Friends:

We recognise the value in involving your family members, relatives and friends in your Care Plan, and we will always (with your permission) invite your family and friends to participate in the care planning process.

Medical Care:

You may retain the services of your existing GP if he or she is willing to visit you at the Home. Alternatively, we have a number of visiting GPs who will be willing to register you and attend to your needs. Each GP will visit the Home as and when needed and Tree Tops Residential Homes will be able to take care of all your prescription needs.


Our Care Staff will normally keep your medication in a safe place, and administer it to you at the intervals stated on the prescription. However, subject to an appropriate Risk Assessment, you may continue to administer your own medication and there are lockable facilities in your room to enable you to keep medicines safely. This will be discussed with you when your Care Plan is drawn up.

Personal Care:

We are able to call upon the services of a wide range of specialist practitioners who either visit the Home on a regular basis, or have a practice a few minutes travel from the Home, which can easily be visited for consultation. Please inform the Care Staff if you wish to be seen (Please note that private consultations outside of the NHS Scheme will attract an additional fee). We have access to the following practitioners:


                ·        Physiotherapists (when requested)

                ·        Dentists (when requested)

                ·        Audiologists (when requested)

                ·        Opticians (visit every 12 months or when requested)

                ·        Chiropodists (visit every 16 to 20 weeks or when requested)

                ·        Hairdresser (visits weekly)


Your Care: