We have 13 bedrooms, all furnished to a very high standard to ensure your comfort and safety.  There are 6 bedrooms located on the ground floor and 7 located on the upper floor, all being single occupancy rooms.  Each room has a hand-wash basin, adequate electrical sockets and lockable facilities for your personal possessions.  Bathrooms and toilets are located throughout the home on both floors and are clearly identified. A shower is located on the first floor and a passenger lift is located at the centre of the building adjacent to the Reception area.


We have a spacious communal lounge with TV / Video / Radio / Music centre facilities and a large Dining room located on the Ground floor.  A small kitchenette is located next to the Dining room where residents can prepare snacks and drinks, where their care plan shows it is safe to do so

There are also extensive gardens for your enjoyment, and residents have unrestricted access to these facilities, subject to health and safety constraints that may be necessary from time to time.   A small private garden overlooking a picturesque Victorian Conservatory is also located next to the building to ensure your comfort, safety and security.

There is a pay phone situated in the reception area of the Home. We also have large-digit telephones and special hearing amplification aids available where these would be of help to you, and a member of staff can tell you how to obtain these. If you prefer you can have a private telephone line installed in your room at your own expense.  A member of staff will deliver private mail to you.