All laundry is carried out on the premises using modern, maintained equipment, and is free of charge. Laundry will be collected from you on a daily basis and will be laundered and ironed before being returned to you. We also offer a needle-working service to undertake small repair jobs on garments.  We can arrange for items to be dry-cleaned for you, at additional cost.

Personal Services:

Our Care Staff can help you with personal tasks such as letter writing, form-filling, completing voting papers, and planning your shopping needs.  Please ask your Key worker or a member of Care Staff where required. 

Please note: Good Practice prevents us from assisting you in drawing up a will, or acting as executor.  However, we are able to call upon the services of a solicitor who can help you with this. This would attract additional fees, but please let your Key worker or a member of the Care Staff know if help is needed.

Laundry and Personal Services: