We have an excellent team of highly trained Catering staff who offer “home cooking” type meals, to provide a nutritious, appetising and well-balanced diet. Menus are planned on a weekly basis, and displayed on the communal notice-board, but we are able to cater for your particular likes and dislikes, offering alternative dishes to suit your tastes. There is always a choice of meals and we are also able to cater for special diets, including vegetarian and vegan dishes. Your food preferences will all be discussed with you when drawing up your Care Plan.

Hot and cold drinks are available throughout the day, and are served mid-morning, mid-afternoon and at bedtime to those residents who want them. Cold snacks such as sandwiches, yoghurts, ice cream etc are available on request throughout the day.

All meals are served in the Dining Room, unless you choose to eat in your own room.  In such cases please let the staff know your wishes.


Mealtimes are usually as follows:


Meal of the Day               Times

·        Breakfast                  07.00am to 10.30am

·        Luncheon                 11.45 am to 01.30pm (protected mealtime)

·        Dinner                       04.45pm to 06.15pm (protected mealtime)

·        Supper                      08.00pm to 10.00pm

Meals & Mealtimes


We have introduced a protected mealtime service to help our residents get the most nutrition and benefit from the food provided. This is a period of time set aside for mealtimes when all non-essential activities will stop to protect residents from avoidable interruptions. All care staff will be available to serve the food and give help to residents who may need extra assistance. This will prevent unnecessary interruptions at mealtimes to only those which are essential. Protected mealtimes will help create a quiet, relaxed atmosphere for residents to enjoy their meal. As such, visitors will not be admitted during this time unless there are exceptional circumstances where discretion has to be used, for example - the attendance of healthcare professionals, family/friends visiting a poorly resident, family/friends having travelled a long distance to visit etc.to visit etc.