Moving Into The Home:

We recognise that moving into a Care Home is a big step and can cause concern and anxiety for some people. For this reason we want to make the transition to us as smooth as possible for you. We know that it takes time to settle in, which is why we have designated the first 4 weeks of residency as a “trial” period without any further obligation by either side. This will enable you to eventually decide whether our Home is for you, and we will be able to obtain a better picture of your daily needs. As always, please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything that you need.

Statement of Purpose:

Part of the Policy documentation that we are obliged to have in place is a “Statement of Purpose”.  This is a summary of the Home, the services that we offer, fees charged and the staff that work here.  A Summary of the Statement of Purpose is included in our guide. Should you wish to consult this document in full, please ask a member of staff.  It is contained in our Policy Manual, which is kept at Reception.

Bringing your Personal Possessions:

In line with our policy to create a “home from home” we encourage you to bring in to the Home some personal possessions with which you can personalise your room. Any items that you bring in will be recorded on a “Personal Property Register” and this will be up-dated during your stay with us as items are added to, or removed from, the Home. 

Please read the following sections below which gives advice regarding the various items that you may wish to bring in with you.

Money & Pensions:

It is not advisable to keep large amounts of cash in your room. We are able to keep this safely for you by depositing your cash in our safe. If you choose to do this we will open up a special deposit / withdrawal account for you to enable us to keep accurate records of all the money that you have on balance with us. These records may be inspected at any time.


While we appreciate that some valuable items such as jewellery will be treasured we do not advise that you bring them into the Home unless you intend to deposit them with us for safe keeping. In line with our Policy on Insurance (see below) we are unable to accept liability for any single item with a value exceeding £250.00


Your personal possessions are insured up to a maximum of  £ 1000, with a single article limit of  £ 250. If you need to insure for sums greater than these then we would ask that you arrange your own insurance, the premiums for which will be payable by yourself. We can help with arranging any additional insurance if required, so please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff.

The Home also has the following additional minimum insurance covers:

Public Liability Insurance;  £ 5,000,000 for any single claim.

    * Employee Liability Insurance; £10,000,000 for any single incident
    * Professional Indemnity Insurance (for malpractice etc); £1,000,000.
    * Contents; Total sum insured: £52,500 Limit per resident; £1,000

Moving In