Our Mission

Our aims and Objectives

We aim to provide our residents with the best possible quality of life in an environment, which is clean, comfortable, safe and welcoming.  We will treat each resident with respect and remain sensitive to
his / her individual needs and abilities.  We have set out our objectives in a Mission Statement, which you will find situated on the communal notice board.  A copy is also kept in our Policy Manual which can be found in the reception area.

Our Philosophy Of Care

Tree Tops Residential Homes is a “home from home” where our residents can feel at home in a friendly, secure and relaxed environment. We strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of our residents and remain sensitive to each person’s ever-changing needs.

Our residents are treated as individuals and are encouraged to enjoy life at the Home and to maximise their intellectual, social and physical potential. We recognise that family and friends have an invaluable part to play in a resident’s well being, and we encourage visits whenever possible.

All of our staff are appropriately qualified to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of care. Staff undergo continuous training and development of their skills and experience to ensure that we maintain these standards at all times.

Your Charter Of Rights

We respect the right of each resident to lead as independent and fulfilling life as possible. We have set out a Resident’s Charter of Rights which we believe should be the minimum entitlement for everyone who lives at our Home, subject only to the constraints necessary to ensure the protection of the health and safety of our residents, staff and visitors, and that the proper level of care is provided.

Fundamentally, residents in our Home shall have the right:

 *   To retain their personal dignity and independence irrespective of their severity of their physical or mental infirmity
*    To have their social, emotional, religious, cultural and political needs accepted and respected
*    To have skilled, sensitive and understanding care to enable them to achieve the highest possible quality of life.
*    To have their personal privacy respected.
*    To be consulted about daily living arrangements in the Home.  To participate in discussions about proposed changes to these                       arrangements.
*    To be involved in, and be kept informed about, their individual assessment of need.
*    To have a regular review of their individual circumstances, and the right to be present at any review meeting.
*    To make informed choices about their Care Plans.
*    To be kept informed of all the services offered by the Home.
*    To choose their own Medical Practitioner and Dentist, and to consult them in private.
*    To manage their own personal affairs, including finances.
*     Not to be moved without prior consultation.
*    To have access to a formal complaints procedure.
*    To be given the opportunity to vote in local and general elections.