Prior to coming into the Home we ask that you label your belongings unobtrusively with your full name. For clothing this will enable us to trace your garments through the laundry process so that we can ensure that the right garments are always returned to the right person.

Electrical Equipment:

Electrical equipment or appliances must not be brought into the Home without prior permission from the Manager. This is for health and safety reasons. Any electrical items that are brought in will be recorded on your Personal Property Register, but will need to be checked for safe use by our maintenance staff before it is used. Each item will be logged and will then need to be re-checked every year to ensure that it remains safe to use.

Furniture & Ornaments:

You will be able to bring small items of furniture into the Home provided that they can be safely accommodated in your room. However, such furniture must meet current Fire regulations. We also encourage you to personalise your room with personal ornaments, family photographs etc., and all such items, including furniture, will be recorded on your Personal Property Register


For reasons of health and safety we are unable to accommodate pets in the Home unless they can be safely accommodated in your room in appropriate cages or small tanks (i.e. birds or fish). Please note that, in all cases, an appropriate Risk Assessment will need to be performed before any pet is accepted into the Home. Please note also that you will be responsible for the cost of up-keep of the pet.

Personal Items