There are televisions in the communal lounges where you can sit in comfort to watch programmes. We also have a wide selection of videos/dvd's available for viewing; please ask the staff for details.  If you have your own TV in your bedroom and are under 75 years of age, a concessionary TV Licence will be required and the staff can arrange this for you.  If you are over 75 you are exempt from any charges, though proof will be required in the form of your National Insurance number.


We do have access to a computer system, which is linked to the Internet. If you would like to take advantage of this please ask a member of staff. For your information, our Email address is .

Newspapers & Magazines:

A selection of Newspapers and Magazines are delivered to the Homes on a daily basis for use of all residents and guests. If you prefer, we can arrange for a personal copy of any daily newspapers and magazines of your choice to be delivered to the Home. You will be responsible for the cost of these items, and the staff can assist you with this.

Library Services:

We have a collection of books in our library, which are added to regularly and can be borrowed at any time. Alternatively you can visit the library yourself to borrow books. The nearest Library is Rainhill Library (01744 677822) conveniently located a short distance away at the bottom of View Road. Please ask a member of staff for more information.


We do realise that not everybody will always want to join in our activities, and your choice will always be respected. We realise that sometimes you may want to just relax in peace and quiet. Your relaxation may include arranging your own activities such as playing cards with other residents. We have a wide range of puzzles and games so please ask a member of staff.


Visitors may visit the Home at any time. However, we respect the fact that you should receive guests at times to suit you, and of course you always have the right to decline to see anybody if you so wish. We encourage your family members and friends to visit, and all we ask is that they should sign in and out of the Visitor’s Book (located in the front porch) for reasons of fire safety.

If your guest would like to join you for a meal then this can be arranged. Please arrange this with your Key worker or a member of the Management Team.

We will also be happy to arrange local accommodation for Visitors and Guests (at their own cost) if they do not live locally and have had to make a long journey, or simply wish to stay for a couple of days.



When we draw up your Care Plan we will include your spiritual needs; i.e. whether you would like to see your Minister of Religion on a regular basis, and how and where you would prefer to worship. We have clergymen of many denominations visiting the Home and we encourage you to exercise your spiritual needs.

Recreation & Religion