Tree Tops

Every aspect of running and managing the Home is set out in a comprehensive set of Policy documents.  These Policies ensure that we meet the statutory requirements for running a Care Home, and cover all aspects of staffing, managing, caring for our residents, and the preservation of health and safety standards. All of our Policies are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are kept up-to-date. 
Our master Policy Manual is held at Reception and may be consulted at any time.​

A passenger lift is located at the rear of the building adjacent to the Laundry. Unfortunately, Rooms 18-22 located upstairs at the front of the building have a small run of steps to them and can only  be accessed utilising a stair lift (if required).


We have two communal lounges with TV / Video / Radio / Music centre facilities. One of which has a spacious conservatory overlooking our picturesque gardens.  There is also another conservatory located by the dining room (situated towards the centre of the building on the ground floor) which contains a small library and quiet area where residents can relax.


The main kitchen is located at the front of the building and a smaller kitchenette is located adjacent to the dining room where residents can prepare snacks and drinks, where their care plan shows it is safe to do so. The laundry can be found to the rear of the building on the ground floor (adjacent to the Passenger Lift).


There are also extensive gardens for your enjoyment, and residents have unrestricted access to these facilities, subject to Health and Safety constraints that may be necessary from time to time.


The Management Offices are located at the front of the building on the ground floor.There is a pay phone situated in the reception area of the Home. We also have large-digit telephones and special hearing amplification aids available where these would be of help to you, and a member of staff can tell you how to obtain these. If you prefer you can have a private telephone line installed in your room at your own expense.   A member of staff will deliver all private mail to you.